Marco Meneghin

As a passionate performance marketer and entrepreneur, planning, implementing and evaluating optimal campaigns for our customers is very close to my heart. Always with the aim of increasing the most important key figure of all – profit! I have been involved in digital marketing for eight years, particularly marketing strategy, conversion optimization and search engine […]

Abdou Thiam

We at the OMGroup bring your message to your customers – via the relevant digital channels. As a specialist in marketing automation, I make sure that your message not only comes across superbly, but also serves to achieve your marketing goals.

Matthias Mehl

Every company has its own story. And each of these stories is interesting – as long as you tell it in a captivating way and speak to the right target groups. This is exactly what I do for customers of the OMGroup. I look forward to telling your story as well.

Janis Löpfe

I have long had a passion for performance marketing and neuromarketing. I make results measurable and optimize them individually and continually for the particular target group. I am passionate about communicating your message to the right target group in a profitable way, so that it also converts. I am currently studying to become a certified […]

Moé Kavcic

As a passionate online marketing professional, I aspire to be a leader in my field. My goal is to provide my clients with the best online marketing solutions and strategies to improve their business, optimize their spend and maximize their profits. I am committed to providing my clients with honest and valuable advice that will […]

Jean Lannes

As a key account manager, there is no more satisfying feeling for me than being able to see the success of a campaign in black and white, together with the customer. Thanks to ongoing dialogue with experts from various industries, I find I also learn a lot from outside my own field.

Dario Buff

Your success is my passion. Together with you, I strive for a clear goal, which we measure with absolute transparency. I take pride in the efficient performance and detailed development of online campaigns. Continual improvement is my guiding principle, which I enjoy adapting to every campaign.

Angela Hesse

At the beginning of each project, the innovative ideas from the OMGroup and the input from our customers are simply notes on paper or on a drive. My job as a UX designer is to give them a new form that is optimized for the marketing goal – as an attractive and user-friendly website. I […]

Michelle Annen

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but as a web designer in a marketing agency, I know the importance of a great user experience. I create unique designs with the user of the website in focus – an approach that pays off in the form of excellent conversion rates.

Antonella Lonardi

A happy customer = a happy employee. My goal is to entice you with my ideas. A design should not only look good, but also work on all other levels: Create trust, call the user to action, direct attention – and be particularly goal-focused in line with your intention. To ensure that your website clearly […]